Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   Q : What is the minimum value of instruments that can be issued?

   A : EURO/USD 50,000.00.

   Q : Is there any upper limit?

   A : No, but each such amount has to be vouched with reasons and documents.

   Q : Who can avail this facility?

   A : An importer, exporter or a company who is engaged in commodity trading or any corporate          who wants to enhance their credit facility.

   Q : Is there any risk?

   A : Yes, only if your suppliers fails to ship the goods.

   Q : Is there any measure to protect us from monetery loss?

   A : You can take a credit insurance in your own country on your supplier to protect yourself.

   Q : How long UTC takes to arrange financial guarantees from banks and financial institutions?

   A : Within maximum 3 to 5 banking days.

   Q : Does UTC charge Application Fees ?

   A : For trade finance – no. For project funding – yes.

   Q : Does UTC pay introducers, brokers or agents commission for bringing Business?

   A : Yes. We pay respective professional fees for services rendered.

   Q : Does UTC have Offices in other Countries ?

   A : Yes, in Dubai and Malaysia. It also has Business Consultants in Bangladesh and India.

   Q : Is UTC direct to the source of Funding ?

   A : Yes

   Q : What is the time Period to complete a project funding?

   A : If everyone can co-operates, it can be done in 30 days. From experience it is best to allow 60-90          days and longer if it is processed during a long Holiday period.

   Q : Can UTC do Business with : "Non English Speaking clients"?

   A : Yes UTC has a range of International Staff that speaks the main Business Languages of the World.

   Q : Does UTC provide Advisory Services?

   A : Yes on a : "Fee for Service" Basis. The amount of Fees charged will depend on the nature of the work          done.

   Q : Is it possible to schedule a meeting in your Office?

   A : Yes - with prior appointment only.

   Q : Is there a period of time in the Year when the Office is closed ?

   A : Except on the English Public Holidays the Office is open all year round. Contact is always possible          via email and we will answer you within 24 hours.

   Q : Does UTC co-invest in Projects of clients

   A : Sometimes Yes - if it fits within UTC’s Investment Strategy at that point of time.

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The term trade finance simply means securing a trade by way of issuing a guarantee like a letter of credit to the seller/supplier and in broader sense it relates to both local and international trade.


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