Issuance of financial guarantees

Unity Trade Capital arranges the following trade financial guarantees from banks and other financial institutions for it's customers requiring commodity trading, working capital and project funding:

  •     Letter of Credit (LC)
  •     Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  •     Letter of Guarantee (LG)
  •     Proof of funds (POF)
  •     Bank comfort/capability letter (BCL) to secure trade deals

In addition, the above instruments are often used by our trading customers for a variety of purposes :
  •     Credit enhancement
  •     Credit Facility/Activation
  •     Collateral security
  •     Cash borrowing for trade and working capital
All the above instruments can be issued with specific needs of importers or exporters or beneficiaries.



The term trade finance simply means securing a trade by way of issuing a guarantee like a letter of credit to the seller/supplier and in broader sense it relates to both local and international trade.


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