Project Funding

UTC has a comprehensive and integrated program for raising debts/project finance. It has a team of dedicated financial experts with decades of experience in finance, projects and investment, who have abilities to structure specific schemes and help businesses across the globe raise required capital or deploy funds.

Unity Trade Capital have access to project funders/investors/lenders for financially viable projects. We have a number of Institutions and Foundations that provide Capital for Projects that have passed a Due Diligence Process.

Capital can be provided in the form of Debt and Equity. Interest rates are quite competitive, and we can engineer the right solution to suit your requirements.

However, it is not so simple to pursuade a lender to underwrite the capital and often funders requests for at least 15% cash availability plus other securities like insurance or financial guarantees in addition. UTC can arrange such financial guarantees from banks and financial institutions to secure capital for projects.



The term trade finance simply means securing a trade by way of issuing a guarantee like a letter of credit to the seller/supplier and in broader sense it relates to both local and international trade.


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